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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 26, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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live streamed this spree on facebook. >> this is the real deal. >> reporter: police expect he may be dead, shot by this 26-year veteran cop. jimmy hampton. >> so it looks like a gun fight in the movies? >> yeah. he was shooting at me and i was shooting at him.
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took a shot to the foot and he and three others responded to a routine call of wild target practice. when hampton, a weapons trainer, heard a frightening click. >> when i was in afghanistan, i was an instructor for ak-47. i know the noise. >> reporter: vance opened up in front of them, as they ran, hampton decided to stay and fight. i was a mama bear protecting her cubs. when you start shooting at her shooting at the officers, it just -- the rage went through me and i was like, no, not today. >> reporter: after the shootout, the injured hampton and another police truck to the bear creek mobile home park where he carjacked a vehicle and shot a bystander. then moving to the aunt and uncle's house, allegedly murdering them before shooting another man at a gas station. it was the last time he was seen or heard from. police say there have been several false alarms, but no confirmed sightings of advance since early monday morning. and his cell phone has stopped
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police in florida hunting for an armed robber who opened fire on three people in miami. surveillance video shows a woman approaching three people. she takes one of the victim's purse and fires off a shot, hittinging a 12-year-old boy in the stomach. they toss the wallets and phones and fires seven more shots hitting two others. police say a 20-year-old woman and a 17-year-old male suffered graze wounds. the 12-year-old boy is the sheriff charged with contempt of court for ignoring a judge's orders. joe arpaio is expected to plead not guilty at trial in early december. it stems from violating federal judge's order to stop enforcing civil immigration laws. the sheriff is up for re-election in the next month. here at home, volkswagen will soon begin paying $150 10 billion to buy back nearly half a million vehicles fitted with software to fool emissions
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it's the largest settlement in u.s. history giving owners of 2009-2015 vws and audis a full trade price. the buyback could begin as early as next month. and there's a safety concern this morning for america's best selling vehicle. the insurance institute for highway safety gave the ford f-150 pickup truck a poor rating for its hall halogen and l.e.d. lights saying they don't provide enough visibility. in fact, most of the pickups tested scored a poor rating. only one of them, the most expensive version of the 2017 honda ridgeline, earned a top rating of good. let's talk about the world series, shall we? it's off and running. cleveland easily took the first game from chicago 6-0, and that is thanks to this guy, roberto perez, the first indians' player to have more than one home run in a world series. a solo shot you saw there, and then this one, a three-run home run in the eighth inning to
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scoreless innings, struck out eight batters in the first three innings. and you just knew the night was not going to the cubs when brandon dwyer drove in a run in the first inning after being hit by a pitch with the bases loaded. the game one winner has taken the world series in the last six years. >> i want to read you a bit of shade that came from the official cleveland police department -- >> shade? >> a tweet, twitter, said missing persons report filed for chicago cubs offense. >> oh, that's just mean. >> can you believe that? >> be careful with the trash talking. it is only game one. >> oh, the cleveland police putting that out. apb for the cubs' offense. >> across the plaza, the cavaliers hoisted the city's first championship banner in 52 years and demolished the knicks 117-88. but get this, some fans didn't even stay for the game.
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baseball game. >> oh, yeah. >> it's just 97 steps from the arena to the progressive field, so they had the ceremony early for fans dng double duty. >> and the cool thing is, there are some fans that stuck around well past the the basketball game so they could watch the indians play on the jumbotron above. >> oh, they got to watch both at the same time. >> pretty cool. coming up in "the mix," we'll show you the new political ad that is being crowned the funniest of the election season. first, the home invasion caught on security camera. you can see a man creeping around a sleeping woman, and then she tries to make a break for it, but he grabs her. hear how she got away from him. later, come with me as you see a world of pure imagination for all of us, unless you can bankroll it. come fly the friendly skies and fiscally extravagant skies with yours truly. >> tell us what you think about lifestyles of the rich and kendis on facebook,, and twitter @abcwnn. >> no, we don't want to do that.
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back with an incident? texas that back with an incident? texas that police call bold and brazen. a man entering a sleeping woman's home. >> the woman says the suspect intended to rape her, but she fought back, and the man is still on the loose. >> reporter: it's a brazen home invasion caught on camera. a man is lurking outside a home saturday while a young woman is alone inside.
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and, look, he's turning around, like, looking in the window, watching me sleep. >> reporter: you can clearly see the man's face searching for a way to get in, eventually crawling through a window. inside, the woman fell asleep on her couch watching the investigation discovery show "a stranger in my home." >> i woke up to him putting his hand over my mouth and nose and strangling me with the other hand. at first i was immobile because i thought i was in a dream. >> reporter: face to face, the frightened woman who doesn't want to be identified then notices the open window and tries to escape. >> when i saw that window, i thought in my head, if you're going to get out of here alive, this is your one and only time, make the move now. >> reporter: the man drags her back inside. >> i start screaming for help, and he takes off running. >> reporter: shaken, but not injured. ft. worth police are now hunting for the man in the video. >> anybody's bold enough to go inside of someone's residence knowing they are home is someone that we are concerned about.
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>> yeah.. >> police are still searching for him. >> frightening. coming up, though, we're going to switch gears on a lighter note. our own mr. gibson is at it again. >> up, up, away in the lifestyles of the rich, and then there's us. that's next. "world news now" continues
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? i just want to fly put your arms around me, away ? i love the graphics in the segment and the segment itself, another segment of the lifestyles of the rich and kendis. >> it's awesome. there's business class, executive class, first class, and then there's ts whole other, other world that's over there. >> reporter: welcome to the fabulous life, the transport of
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his championship ring. private jets around the world and their go-to carrier, a small long island, new york, company called. and as i found out, a five-star service starts with the black car that picks you up directly from your home and takes you to the plane's door. ? >> what's up? never seen this car before. >> fancy. >> it's the way to go. >> ready to fly? >> yes, i am, let's go. >> reporter: before i'm on board, a little bit about talon. it was founded by a former real estate developer, adam, who is not shy about dropping some of his celebrity client names.. >> kobe, billy joel, madonna, everyone.
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aging corporate jets, and now the largest one circles the has 30 top of the line planes. world with only one refuelling stop. what's the ultimate experience like? >> curb to curb service. you'll be brought to the airport, bags picked up before you leave. we hand you a drink, pillows, blanket and the key thing is convenience and safety. >> reporter: that's nice, but it's not cheap. a private flight to dubai sets you back more than $200,000. what do we get for that kind of money? well, this plane is going to i boarded this plane for a flight to london. >> welcome aboard. >> good to be aboard. i have my own personal dedicated flight attendant, in this case, nicole, just for myself. >> does this work? >> 2002 vintage? i guess i'll lower myself and do that. >> absolutely. >> i can totally get used to this p. >> thank you. and besides my choice of champagne -- cheers.
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and several high end meals served through wrought the flight. this particular plane seatings eight, all that lie flat. the plane's sound system blasts your favorite tunes -- ? i'm getting drunk on a plane ? ? all by myself just wanna-be -- and off we go. flight to london takes a short six hours. once on the ground, no customs to maneuver. it's already handled. >> this is really the way to fly. how long's it going to take to get to london? airport? >> i'm so sorry, sir, your card got declined. >> 14 minutes later, we're back on the ground. >> the last time i put a flight like this on my debit card. thanks. don't mind if i take this. >> no london, huh? >> no, no, not so much. london looked more like long island. sorry. >> a little quick tour. >> at least the got the domp. >> when are we flying?
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ditch the misery. let's end this. . time for the mix and time for the mix and starting to break down boundaries. asher is a 15 month old with down syndrome, and his mom had submitted his photos to an ad company. >> yeah. >> specifically for an b' gosh campaign. >> he's cute. >> the advertising agency said ey wouldn't submit the photos because they brand didn't specify they wanted a baby with special needs. >> oh. >> so mom put his photos on social media saying that she, you know, she doesn't understand why they would need specifications, so she says my son is very photogenic opinion. >> very cute. i hope they say yes. >> the photo retweeted, and now the brand says they are
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good luck, asher, there. >> how cute is he? >> very, very cute. i want to show you whas the cutest political ad of the year right now. this is a wife of a texas county commissioner on tape pleading for votes, but it's different. it's not what you're used to. listen. >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. >> last year's tax rate was 1.419. this year, we can take it down to 3.838. >> yeah, all the time. >> which means the 3838 is probably going to go somewhere between 2838 and 4169. >> so she pleased for them to re-elect him so that he'll get out of the house. so he'll have something else to do. oh, man. >> an important anniversary. >> yes. >> 30th year, the annual race in dupont circle. >> i love this. >> huge event. >> every year you have dozens of
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>> usually a few stumbles. you say it's not that tough, huh? >> it's not that tough. >> you're on. >> you're on. >> let's do this. >> let's see. all right. i got some, like, 6 inch heels. starting over here. >> by jack? >> yeah. >> on your mark -- >> i should point out my heelts are -- >> go! >> oh, not even close! not even close! >> my heels are way too big. >> rematch. >> wait! take two as if it was slo-mo. like it is. yes. diane, quit while you're ahead. >> oh, my god. >> can you even walk in them? >> not really. >> you're not carl lewis, kendis, you're no carl lewis. >> straight back. just walk.
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this morning on "world news now," friends and foes, donald this morning on "world news now," friends and foes, donald trump unleashing a new round of attacks impersonating president obabah bbama after the presidend the republican candidate on late night tv. this as hillary clinton gathers more support fro her story after surviving a plane crash. hear how she kept calm in the face of disaster. new this half hour, a dismal report about closing the againer pay gap. >> hear how long it could take to reach financial equality in the u.s. and where women are leaving work early in protest. and -- ? if you're not in formation, get in line. at least that's the message from
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amy schumer after a parody video fell flat. both sides of the controversy on this wednesday, 26th, the ross team is on it. >> you uh-oh. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you best get in formation, get some hot sauce for your back, swag. >> amy schumer has some powerful social media following, as well. >> she does. we'll dig deeper. get into formation just two weeks before the election. donald trump is taking aim at obamacare and the president himself. >> so during his campaign blitz in florida, trump defended his allegation that the election is rigged and mocked president obama saying he made the same claim when he was running eight yes ago. >> before he won his first race, he was talking about voting, and he said, remember, i come from chicago, you know, i mean, you know, they -- give me a break.
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